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Team Building Company Vs Freelancer

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If you decide to implement team building into your business, you have two options to choose from. You could find a professional team building company to set everything up for you, or hire a freelance team building professional. Knowing which one to pick is all up to you and your needs, but you should think about the pros and cons of both solutions.

Knowing that team building company already have their brand name which supports their quality of work takes the pressure off. Hiring a professional company to do a project for you can be quite satisfying since you know from the beginning that your project is in good hands. The team building company you chose has lots of different teams which will all contribute to making your project successful. Team building companies have groups of people who specialize in various fields. The company can do much more than a single freelancer, but it will also bill you much more than an individual team building freelancer.

On the other hand, hiring a freelancer to do an entire project for you can be an excellent solution if you decide to organize a simple team building for your employees since freelancers mostly specialize in particular areas and they lack the time and resources to present you with a more complex team building event. Also, freelancers are much more flexible regarding the time provided for you as well as their working hours. Freelancers are mostly cheaper to hire than an entire team of experts, but there are always exceptions.

Pros & Cons of hiring a professional team building company:

+ more experience

+ more specialization

+ going forward quickly

– more expensive

Pros & Cons for hiring a professional team building freelancer:

+ less communication

+ moving fast

+ cheaper

– time-consuming search for a perfect freelancer

– lack of time and resources to organize a complex event

If your idea of the team building event for your company is a simple one, you should consider hiring a professional team building freelancer to execute it for you, but if this event involves much more organization and require more hands-on-deck, hiring a team building company might be something you should think about.

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