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3D Printing Benefits

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3D printing technology has brought us a whole new way of printing. 3D printing is already implemented in many fields like medicine, manufacturing, automotive industry, packaging industry, health care, air craft, and many others. 3D printing has unlimited potential that hasn’t been fully exploited yet. There are numerous ways to utilize the newly founded way of printing, and it’s on the rise. New ideas and techniques of use are popping up all over the world daily. There are numerous benefits with 3D printing, and we’ll mention the most important ones.

  1. 3D printing is affordable because of its cheaper tooling and molding materials, and the faster manufacturing process (printing). One of the examples comes from the medical field. Producing prosthetic limbs is much better via 3D printing method since it’s much cheaper, therefore, possible for patients to change their 3D printed prosthetics more frequently than the ones made by traditional methods.
  2. Producing faster is enabled solely because of faster design and prototype production. From design sketches to a fully printed product, 3D printing will take up hours, while traditional methods can take days or even weeks.
  3. Higher quality is guaranteed by the step-by-step printing assembly of the product, minimizing the production faults. On the other hand, with traditional manufacturing, there are no 100% guarantees that the entire batch will be produced the same. This way, 3D printing provides you with very enhanced designs and furthermore, better quality products.

4. Boundless imagination and creativity are enabled for everyone since making a specific design can always be changed instantly. Creating designs on your computer and printing your design as a 3D model can all be done by a simple button press. Traditional methods of design and manufacturing are not that easy, and after the production has begun, it’s not easy to make instant changes as you can do with 3D printing.

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